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About Us.

We’ve been providing data on the changing climate for over 20 years. The climate risks we were drawing attention to back then, are happening now — we see it in the accelerating frequency and extremity of droughts and floods. We all need to think about the impacts of a changing climate.

Who we are

Global leaders in physical climate risk

Trusted and endorsed by some of the world’s largest and most complex organisations, we have worked in climate zones across every continent and a wide range of sectors to deliver climate risk assessments and modelling that makes a meaningful contribution to the twin challenges of climate change and biodiversity loss.

Combined brainstrust of over 210 years of experience in climate change

We bring together climate scientists, data engineers, programmers, meteorologists, earth scientists, economists and business specialists, along with the benefit of insights gained from applied climate model data processed and analysed for thousands of projects, to support informed decision making in a climate changed world.

Complex data turned into knowledge

We bridge the gap between climate science and its practical applications so you can understand your changing climate risk profile and take informed actions to reduce risks and foster climate resilience.

Innovative, new ways to access high-quality, robust atmosphere, land and ocean climate data

We’re leading the way with state-of-the-science, user-friendly software systems designed and developed to identify and assess site-specific and spatial projected climatic risk, mitigation and reduction.

Meet our team



Software, Data & Programming

How will climate change impact your business?