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Climate Risk Consulting.

We bring over twenty years of client engagement in world-class physical risk assessments and climate science advice.

ClimSystems works with international organisations, national and subnational governments, consultancies and corporations.

How we work

Global leaders

We are global leaders in climate risk science, trusted and endorsed by some of the world’s largest and most complex organisations.

Masters of our craft

We are able to leverage the benefit of over 20 years of project engagement across the globe. We continue to be a  trusted source to provide robust, fit for purpose consultancy.

Client specific

ClimSystems excels at client conversations to understand specific needs. We meet you where you are at in your stage of climate risk knowledge to determine the type of solution needed to move forward.

Expert relationships

We maintain long-term, productive collaborations with domain experts which gives us broad sectoral capability. We work with great people.


We work from the foundation of IPCC science and scenarios, and layer other regulatory frameworks and standards, to provide justifiable and auditable work.

Our Experience

We bring together climate scientists, data engineers, programmers, meteorologists, earth scientists, economists and business specialists to provide high quality advice.

Sectors We Consult In

We provide environment and climate-related advice to international organisations, national and subnational governments, institutions and corporations. With your team, ClimSystems defines, assesses and de-risks on a sectoral basis,(e.g. agriculture, construction, manufacturing, mining, financial services and consulting).

Consulting Services

We provide advice and guidance to solve complex climate science business problems, such as risks from flood and other extreme events to assets and supply chains. Analysis is tailored to your risk profile.

What sets ClimSystems apart is their dedication to understanding our unique needs and tailoring their solution accordingly.  They work as a partner, not just a service provider.

Senior Business Analyst

– Climate Risk Management (National Bank)

Frequently asked questions

Our team has low knowledge of climate change related issues. Do you work with organisations who are at the start of this process?

We absolutely do. Our knowledge of climate risk across a variety of industries can help you understand what you need meet a regulatory requirement or internal climate risk analysis. We are happy to work with you to provide data , analysis and to contextualise the next steps.

What if I don't know what kind of data I need?

We can help with this. We have experience supporting asset owners all over the globe across a wide range of sectors to reduce their climate risk exposure, optimise investment decisions and unlock opportunities.

I need to do an analysis to comply to regulatory requirements. Do you have experience in this?

Yes, we have experience in across the globe, in many regulatory requirement reporting regions.

Can you create custom variables/risk analysis for my business?

Yes, we can create custom variables and/or risk analysis for your business.

When should I consider custom consulting versus using a Climate Insights subscription?

The best option depends on your team’s level of comfort with interpreting the results of climate risk analysis.

If you have a experienced climate team that is familiar with utilising climate data and you are looking for point location climate data, you can use a Climate Insights subscription to extract your own data for a more detailed analysis.

If you have an in-house climate team that can utilise spatially gridded climate data, contact us to access the variables you require.

If you don’t even know where to start, custom consulting provides significantly more detailed analysis for those outside the climate and sustainability fields.

What makes ClimSystems different than other climate risk companies?

We offer climate expertise from our experienced climate science team, with 60+ variables covering a wide variety of climate risk indicators. We are experienced in climate science communication and helping teams to understand both what they need and how to interpret the resulting data.

How will climate change impact your business?