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ClimSystems has been doing climate before climate was cool. We’ve been at it for 20+ years, working with communities around the globe to improve climate literacy. While we expand our operations and continue investing in development on a larger scale, we’ve allowed ourselves one day a week to sit back and reminisce about the Good Ole Days. Here’s the first in our Throwback Thursday series.

In 2007, ClimSystems visited Bohol, Philippines, to lead a weeklong workshop on climate change for BANGON (Bohol Association of Non-Governmental Organizations), a research consortium made up of NGOs and provincial government agencies. Our Managing Director, Dr Peter Urich, and Maxine Day led the training.

“Seventeen years ago, this was a real groundbreaker — a group of NGOs took an early lead in learning about climate change and recognised the importance of collaborating with the government to better serve the needs of their people,” recalls Peter, pictured. The program was funded by NZAID‘s Asia Development Assistance Facility.