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Empowering Change: Retail Sector’s Leadership in Climate Resilience

Climate Risk in the Retail Sector


ClimSystems is proud to announce its collaboration with major Aotearoa New Zealand-based retailers and KPMG New Zealand to develop integrated climate scenarios. These scenarios, designed to guide strategic decision-making within the retail sector and its value chain partners, align with New Zealand’s External Reporting Board guidance, and offer a robust foundation for climate-related disclosures and further initiatives.

The retail sector is uniquely influential in New Zealand and, therefore, is responsible for leading the transition towards a low-carbon, climate-resilient future. From sourcing to consumer behaviour, retail operations impact global value chains and carbon emissions. The climate scenarios developed in the ‘Retail Sector Shared Scenarios Project’ prompt us to confront the realities of climate change, inspiring innovation and transformation throughout our value chains. These scenarios serve as reference points and catalysts for collective action and innovation within the retail sector, aiming for a resilient and prosperous future for Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Understand projected impacts of climate change for your assets – and the opportunities.