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New Feature Announcement: Climate Insights Group Manager Tool

Kia ora!

ClimSystems is excited to release a handy new feature to Climate Insights, the Group Manager Tool.

The Group Manager Tool allows a Climate Insights Group Manager to access analytics related to group and project information.

A group is a collection of staff who have Climate Insights accounts.

A project is a collection of related data requests, e.g., Taranaki Region, Queensland Mine, etc.

Sorting by project allows the user to get an overview of data requests across a single project. Group Managers can view a full list of group members and track the number of requests made across the group for billing purposes.

Our beta testers found the pre-release version very useful, and we hope this new tool will boost your workflow too. To learn more, please visit Manage Group | Climate Insights Help.

As always, we welcome your feedback. Let us know what you think of the new update and Climate Insights by emailing us at

Thank you!

The ClimSystems Team