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We are very happy for our friends in Vanuatu, who have secured funding of more than VT 3 billion (USD 28.29 million) for their Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) project. The Green Climate Fund (GCF) contributed VT 2.7 billion to the project, while the Government of Vanuatu and the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade contributed VT 489 million.

With this funding, the Government of Vanuatu aims to build water systems and strengthen the capacity of existing water resources, potentially benefitting more than 85,000 people.

The team at ClimSystems are proud to have collaborated with Vanuatu and Pacific Community-SPC on the GCF funding proposal. The key was to quantify Vanuatu’s future risk to climate change using historical data and the best climate models for this purpose. The resulting insights projected increases in extreme weather events, tropical cyclone intensity, and sea level rise in the 83-island nation over the next 30 years. Such changes threaten Vanuatu’s water security, which raises serious concerns about water quality-related diseases and mortality.

“The Green Climate Fund raised its standards for articulating society’s vulnerability to climate change. ClimSystems worked alongside international climate finance and development consultancy E Co. to produce a peer-reviewed climate risk study. This was critical to the success of the GCF proposal,” our Managing Director, Dr Peter Urich says.

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Photo credit: Pacific Community-SPC