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Climate analysis tool for asset developer and manager

We customised our Climate Insights tool to integrate with the client’s complex Excel analytical tool to assess climate risks for current and future projects.


As a primary developer and manager of built environment assets, our client required an in-house tool to assess climate risk for current and future acquisitions and builds. They had a mature, complex Excel analytical spreadsheet for weather risk. We collaborated with them to integrate this spreadsheet into our Climate Insights web app to be used by staff across multiple offices in Australia, the UK and the USA.


The criteria for integrating the spreadsheet into our Climate Insights tool included locking down the spreadsheet for access to a minimal set of critical inputs to reduce end-user errors in its application, secure login facility for client-nominated staff, and the development and implementation of a customised report that removed the need for reformatting.


Our team programmed the Climate Insights web app to inject a range of climate variable outputs. It predetermined Shared Socioeconomic Pathways directly into the client-supplied spreadsheet to generate exportable reports. Continuous upgrading occurs as the client adjusts its Excel tool and when Climate Insights supports new variables of interest, such as flood risk.

A testing site was developed to refine the integration, and the tool passed an external cyber security audit before being deployed across the client’s user group.

Understand projected impacts of climate change for your assets – and the opportunities.